Javier Olondo

Guitar Virtuoso

Javier Adrian Olondo.

Born in Houston, Texas, Mr. Olondo began his musical studies with Rosa Puertas in Barcelona, Spain in 1977.  
In 1980 he moved to Havana, Cuba where he continued his studies in guitar at the Conservatory Manuel Saumell.
At the age of 13, he debuted as a soloist in a special concert in Havana’s First International Guitar Festival.
In 1988 he graduated top of his class from the Escuela Nacional de Musica and was the recipient of the Titulo de Oro  (Golden Title Award). Upon completion of his higher level studies in 1991 from Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, he moved to Europe where followed an intense schedule of concerts and was awarded a scholarship to attend the Hochscule Fur Musik and Darstellende Kunst Monzarteum, in Salzburg, Austria. There he studied  under the tutelage of Eliot Fisk, Joaquin Clerch, and harpsichordist Anthony Spiri.
In 1998 he obtained the title of Magister in Arts specializing in guitar. Among other teachers, he has been taught by Manuel Barrueco, David Rusell, Flavio Cucci, and Wolfgang Lendle. 

His recordings in radio and television, along with his participation in important festivals and concerts throughout Europe, North, and South America date back to his younger years.
In addition to various composers dedicating works to him, he has recorded three critically acclaimed albums.

He is a recipient of the Key to the City of Kenner and has been named Honorary Citizen of the City of New Orleans.

He is also a member of various established musical ensembles such as trio Sekwenza, Barcelona Nova Musica , La Renaissance, and duo Cervantes. As well as working as a music professor at Cervantes Hispanic School for the arts, Tulane University, and Concordia University of New Orleans, he spends time in the summer teaching at the Escola Professional de Musica Alois Haba in Barcelona, Spain. He also performs ongoing concerts in and out of the United Sates throughout the year.

Mr. Olondo teaches classical guitar at Tulane University in New Orleans, and tours the United States and Europe with his popular concert series. 

Mr. Olondo is also director of the Cuban band AsheSon  and  host of the popular TV show  "Que Pasa New Orleans"