Javier Olondo

Guitar Virtuoso

Javier Olondo, Classical Guitar

For nearly 30 years now, Javier Olondo has played concerts all over the world. His repertoire is vast, ranging from ancient to contemporary music. Whether it’s at solo recitals or joined by worldwide renowned performers, it is always an exciting adventure for Javier to undertake a new project, dive himself into it and make the music come alive!


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Javier Olondo QuartetJavier Olondo Quartet Spain

There are no frontiers or barriers in music for Javier. Many times he experiences a fine line among classical, jazz and popular music, but he always enjoys experimenting and playing to see what results from this tapestry. The Javier Olondo Quartet is just that, extraordinary musicians playing a mix of classical, popular, jazz, folk and traditional music. This allows the music experience to be broader and more appealing to a wide variety of people and never ceases to amaze the audience!


Javier Olondo Quartet Nola

 Duo Cervantes




Cuban Traditional Music has always been part of Javier’s heart and soul. From a very early age, his Mamá, taught him all the well-known Cuban traditional songs and others that were maybe not that popular, but incredibly great and rich in soul.

“It all started right after Katrina,” says Javier, “there were very few people back in the city of New Orleans and even fewer musicians. I received a call from my friend, Cuban percussionist, Geovanis  “Dongo” Palacios, who asked me if I could play a Cuban music gig with him at LSU. I had never publicly performed Cuban traditional music, so my first reaction was to say no. I asked him who else would play with us and he said me, him and Bass player, Edwin Gonzalez, because that’s all he could find. He said the gig was the next day and he’d call it the “Katrina Trio”. I couldn’t do it! I had never done that before so Dongo asked me if I knew “La Negra Tomasa”, “El Manicero” and “El Cuarto de Tula”.  I said yes, of course, yes and all of the other famous traditional Cuban songs! So he said that that was the gig right there and we did it!”

The rest is history. Javier picked up the Cuban Tres and started playing around with it. A short time later, Guatemalan singer, Zelia Zea, joined the group and AsheSon was born. Ashe is Cuban for good karma and Son for Cuban rhythm.

After nearly eight years, AsheSon has played in many major festivals in and around New Orleans, such as: New Orleans Jazz Fest; French Quarter Fest; Que Pasa Fest; and Celebración Latina. They have toured internationally and have earned a spot in the prime local musical scene. A couple of years later, AsheSon became the recipient of the Big Easy Award for Best Latin Band. 

Current members are:

Javier Olondo- Guitar, Tres Guitar

Zelia Zea- Lead Singer

Robert Tammetta- Piano and Keys

Alexey Marti- Percussion

Giovany “Dongo” Palacios,-Percussion

Jorge Perez- Bass

Tony Dizant-Trumpet

AsheSon on TV performance.



AsheSon closing Que Pasa Fest 2012.