Javier Olondo

Guitar Virtuoso

Since moving to New Orleans in 2001 Javier Olondo has not only established himself as one of the top classical musicians in New Orleans, but is also making a name for himself as a member of AsheSon, playing Cuban and Latin American music; his quartet; and now as a television producer/host as well. Drawing on his versatile musical background and extensive travel experience, Javier puts the emphasis on introducing the audience of Que Pasa New Orleans to the rich art and culture of the Crescent City and other cities and countries as well.

Javier’s expertise as an artist is a direct result of nearly 30 years of involvement in the arts, working and studying with some of the top international artists and teachers in the world. With such a background, he easily adapts to different styles in almost any musical situation. His extensive knowledge of Latin American and European cultures, musicians and musical styles enable him to instinctively make the right calls to make each project unique. In addition, Javier’s long working relationships with many artists, especially in New Orleans, allows him to work with some of the most reputable artists and writers in the business.

Javier’s involvement with the community also adds to the successful formula. He has been involved in many local New Orleans projects and organizations almost immediately upon his arrival to the city. From Cervantes Fundacion HispanoAmericana de Arte to Music Director of Our Lady of Divine Providence Catholic Church, Javier always makes sure to give back to the community that has welcomed him in like one of its own.

Javier Olondo has established a reputation for hard work, integrity and commitment in his career as a musician and producer. As the future unfolds, he will continue to be found putting heart and soul into any project he chooses to work on especially promoting the Latino culture and artists.

 Javier conducting the OLDP Choir

Conducting the OLDP choir


Javier with David Ashby

In Honduras with David Ashby


Javier in the Honduran forest

Que Pasa in Honduras


Javier in the Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac


Que Pasa New Orleans Crew

Que Pasa New Orleans Crew